Leftovers for two // Making your food go further

Welcome to Leftovers for two / four years ago my husband and I quit our jobs to become full time dole-bludging uni students. We were 27. Having both worked since our teens we were used to steady incomes which we would, at times, spend wantonly on expensive luxuries. Food was our main indulgence – we would go to the markets, buy stacks of beautiful fresh vegetables, fruit and meat, and cook up regular gastronomic feasts of steak, pheasant, oysters, prawns and expensive French cheeses. I look back now and am astonished both at the profligacy of our eating and the amount of food and money we wasted without even blinking.

The first month after we quit our jobs was a huge shock to the system. Waiting for our Austudy to be approved, we lived for four weeks on a $200 Coles/Myer voucher my husband received as a leaving present from work. Very quickly we became obsessed with the specials bin at the supermarket and started buying homebrand products wherever we could. Fresh fruit and veg, however, rarely goes on special and meat is expensive – and neither of us would yield to buying meat that wasn’t free range.  The answer was to make everything we bought stretch as far as it could and get maximum taste for minimum cost.

Four years later and I want to share with you some of the best recipes and ideas which have come out of this period of our lives. You will save money, you will waste less food and you will / make your food go further!


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