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Braised Beef and Blue Cheese Jaffle


Every now and then a toasted sandwich just fits the bill. For me, they are every bit a reminder of living in a small country town, and popping to the pub for a toasted sandwich. It’s almost a sacred English ritual to eat these little pockets of pleasure with the hoppy whiff of beer in the air, and the sound of clattering glasses and local gossip floating around the front bar. Traditionally served with half a packet of Walkers Ready Salted crisps and a leaf of iceberg (if you’re lucky), the toasted sandwich commands a place in the English food canon.

This rather fancy version is best enjoyed on a cold winter evening in front of a crackling fire. Warning, though, it’s so yummy that you might hurt your dog’s feelings because he won’t be getting that buttery crust he longs for you to chuck his way!

See this dish as part of a MEAL PLAN


Leftover braised beef
Fresh tomato
Blue cheese
Cheddar cheese
1 garlic clove


You don’t need me to tell you how to make a toastie! The only difference here is that the garlic is cut into super thin slices and placed on the outside of the toasted sandwich. NB, this only works if you’ve buttered the outside of the bread – if you don’t, the garlic won’t stick to the sandwich.





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