Meal Plans

Pork Week 3:
SUNDAY: Sticky ginger pork with Thai salad and rice

MONDAY: Herb frittata
TUESDAY: Steamed pork buns with broccolini
WEDNESDAY: Sticky rice burgers with stir-fried Asian greens
THURSDAY: Pork sliders two ways
FRIDAY: Braised red cabbage

Beef Week 3: (Corned Beef)
SUNDAY: Corned beef with potatoes and salad
MONDAY: Roast butternut pumpkin and beetroot salad with feta
TUESDAY: Corned beef croquettes with sauce gribiche and broccolini salad
WEDNESDAY: Penne pasta with wilted greens, garlic and anchovies
THURSDAY: Corned beef sandwiches
FRIDAY: Butternut pumpkin rosti with a poached egg and chili oil

Chicken Week 3:
SUNDAY: Quick roast chicken

MONDAY: Bubble and Squeak
TUESDAY: Chicken breast with cauliflower puree and sugar snap pea salad
WEDNESDAY: Omelettes with Vietnamese chicken coleslaw
THURSDAY: Chicken and salad wraps with beetroot relish
FRIDAY: Sesame soy noodles with chicken

Lamb Week 2:
SUNDAY: Roast lamb with skordalia and Greek salad
MONDAY: Poached eggs on toast
TUESDAY: Lamb biryani
WEDNESDAY: Roast capsicum salad
THURSDAY: Lamb wraps with salad
FRIDAY: Flatbread with tomato, cucumber and toum

Fish Week 2:
SUNDAY: American style crab cakes with green bean salad
MONDAY: Baked potato with wilted greens and sour cream
TUESDAY: Sardines on toast
WEDNESDAY: Salad Nicoise with tuna, green beans and boiled eggs 
THURSDAY: Green burgers with grilled zucchini and tomato relish
FRIDAY: Panzanella salad with tomatoes

Vegetarian Week 2:
SUNDAY: Homemade Gozleme with cheese and silverbeet filling
MONDAY: Carrot cigars
TUESDAY: Socca with fried zucchini
WEDNESDAY: Mushroom omelettes with shredded salad
THURSDAY: Silverbeet and pumpkin parcels
FRIDAY: Thai vegetarian curry

Beef Week 2:
SUNDAY: Slow cooked beef brisket with fondant potatoes
MONDAY: Braised leeks with a soft boiled egg
TUESDAY: Brisket papardelle with sour cream
WEDNESDAY: Cheese and bacon frittata with celeriac remoulade
THURSDAY: Brisket bagels
FRIDAY: Pearl barley risotto

Pork Week 2:
SUNDAY: Pulled pork ragu in rich tomato sauce with creamy polenta
MONDAY: Minestrone soup with brown rice pasta
TUESDAY: Bbq pulled pork quesadillas with spicy salsa
WEDNESDAY: Roast vegetable salad with tahini dressing
THURSDAY: Skinless pork sausages with sauerkraut
FRIDAY: Spiced chickpea and kale salad with crispy flatbread

Chicken Week 2:
SUNDAY: Mushroom ravioli in chicken broth with wilted spinach
MONDAY: Raw cauliflower salad with Japanese dressing and shredded chicken
TUESDAY: Satay chicken wraps with peanut sauce
WEDNESDAY: Whole roasted cauliflower with chili garlic glaze
THURSDAY: Homemade Chicken Halal Snack Pack
FRIDAY: Crispy fried polenta chips with tomato salad

Vegetarian week 1:
SUNDAY: Crispy croquettes with parsley and Parmesan
MONDAY: Shredded cabbage salad with WAFU dressing
TUESDAY: Spicy, smoky potatoes with green beans
WEDNESDAY: Roasted capsicums stuffed with brown rice, spinach and feta
THURSDAY: Quinoa salad with beetroot, green beans, feta and toasted pine nuts
FRIDAY: Baked eggs with tomato and spinach

Lamb Week 1:
SUNDAY: Lamb kofte with crunchy salad and pomegranate dressing
MONDAY: Crisp fried halloumi salad with fennel, courgettes and edamame
TUESDAY: Merguez sausage sandwiches with crunchy vegetables
WEDNESDAY: Spicy rice with Afghan-style carrots
THURSDAY: Lamb Madras with cucumber and yoghurt
FRIDAY: Sweet capsicum baked in filo pastry with tuna and black sesame

Fish Week 1:
SUNDAY: Fish pie topped with mashed potato
MONDAY: Warm green salad of kale, peas, leeks and buckwheat
TUESDAY: Smoked trout coulibiac with boiled eggs
WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti with three cheeses
THURSDAY: Poached fish balls with a Thai salad
FRIDAY: Carrot soup

Beef Week 1:
SUNDAY: Braised beef and stout pie with potatoes and green beans
MONDAY: Broccoli and blue cheese soup with rye toast
TUESDAY: Spaghetti with leeks, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and olive oil
WEDNESDAY: Braised beef jaffles
THURSDAY: Roast vegetable tart
FRIDAY: Chuck steak burgers with lettuce and tomato

Pork Week 1:
SUNDAY: Roast pork shoulder with baked beetroot
MONDAY: Thai pumpkin soup
TUESDAY: Spanakopita – cheese and spinach filo pie
WEDNESDAY: Pork meatballs with sesame noodles
THURSDAY: Pumpkin and sweetcorn fritters
FRIDAY: Ultimate pork wraps with pineapple, spring onions and bbq sauce

Chicken Week 1:
SUNDAY: Poached chicken with crispy miso glazed skin and Japanese salad
MONDAY: Cauliflower and parsnip soup with black pudding crumbs
TUESDAY: Chicken Korma and rice
WEDNESDAY: Vegetable patties
THURSDAY: Spanish rice with smoked paprika and chicken
FRIDAY: Chicken and sweetcorn chowder with Tobasco sauce

Christmas Dinner Party Menu:
CANAPE: Chicken liver parfait with rye toast
CANAPE: Smoked trout Blinis
ENTREE: Home cured gravlax with dill mustard sauce
MAIN COURSE: Onion tartlets with roast chicken and gravy
DESSERT: Pumpernickel ice-cream
DESSERT: Sour cherry boreks